If you are using the old Sony laptop adapter, you are missing on a great deal. The Sony VGP-AC19V24 AC adapter is new in the market and many reviews have shown its durability is beyond imagination, having a longer lifetime thou coming in cheap affordable prices.

Features of Sony VGP-AC19V24 AC adapter:

Overload and short circuit protection

The adapter stores charge for a very long time, very reliable while on travel.

Stabilized output, low interference and low ripple

With appropriate plug adapter the adapter is ideal for worldwide usage.

The Sony adapter is durable with a long lifetime.

The quality of the adapter cannot be underestimated, the specifications meets or exceed those of original Ac adapter that comes along with the laptop upon purchases.

What makes Sony VGP-AC19V24 charger the reliable and robust?

The specification meant during the manufacture process are quite overwhelming, these are the best features you will find in any quality laptop adapter:

Input Voltage range 100V-240V

Output Voltage range 19.5V 4.7A

Mfr Part number is VGP-AC19V24

Connector Size is normally 6.5mm x 4.4mm

Advantages of Sony VGP-AC19V24 AC Adapter

Employs auto turn off short circuit for protection.

Comes with a 2 year warranty in case of defects you can get a replacement

Voltage exceed restriction is employed for protection.

Exceed current output limiting is employed for protection.

Low voltage auto off is employed towards protection.

Manufacture with inner safety ability to avoid voltage spikes, fluctuations and surges.

The sealing design and style are meant to avoid dampness and moisture thus better protection.

The Sony Adapter is fully compatible with the original system.

The Sony VGP-AC19V24 power supply is tested by the manufacturer during the assembly and production process. You can be sure of an effective and reliable product.

To prolong the life time of any machine care is need, thus to ensure the charging system of your machine is not jeopardized in order to maintain proper power supply. You may consider these tips helpful in taking care of your Sony Adapter:

Shun from placing the adapter in a cool or close to the air conditioner to prevent the device from getting moistened.

To prevent overheating, switch off the Sony adapters when you are not using your machine

Always put the DC output plug into your machine power jack before placing the input plug into the power outlet.

Remove the machine battery form the machine often and use direct current to increase the life time of your battery when using Sony Adapter.


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