In today’s word, the Samsung R440 adapter is nearly a necessity in the activities carried out. However, the laptop itself is a toy if it runs out of battery. This is an aspect that calls in a charger and adapter that will maintain its power and boost its functionality in the best way. Getting the right adapter and charger will ensure you have a laptop that doesn’t shut down unexpectedly and stores power for a longer time. Samsung laptops are amongst the leading in the market and there are chargers around which are meant for the laptops. In the same way, there are counterfeits which end up devastating your battery and a further shutting down. Some of the most genuine and efficient chargers and adapters in the market are;


Samsung R440 charger: It is an AC power which is compatible with Notebook Adaptor power supply that works perfectly with your battery. The adaptor doesn’t overheat and it goes for roughly 15 pounds. The adaptor is built to last and gives 60 Watts of power to your battery via your charger with an output of 19 volts. The adaptor also has an input ranging from 100 to 240 volts, which is flexible enough to many households.


Samsung RV511: This is the original, compatible Samsung RV511 charger for the Samsung RV511 laptop which gives out 60 watts of power and an input of 100 to 240 volts. The charger heats less and charges your battery consistently so that your laptop can have enough power retained. The charger goes for approximately 29 pounds, mostly sold with a one year warranty. The product might differ in shape and size as they come in different cord lengths and adaptor size.


Samsung SF310-S01 Laptop AC Adapter: It is mostly recommended for a Notebook or the Samsung SF310 -S01 laptop and it has high standard making. The adapter comes in a 3 pin C5 power lead and its power output is 19 volts while giving out 60 Watts. The connector size of this adapter is 5mm x 3mm and has an input range of 100 to 240 volts. It goes for approximately 4.8 pounds and is black in color.


You can find multiple choices of Samsung RV511 charger out there that can replace your Samsung products. But if you have a Samsung laptop, always go for a genuine Samsung charger and adapter to boost your battery’s life. A good charger and adapter will ensure you have a long lasting battery and will reduce over heating of the battery itself.


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